The Entrepreneurial Jersey Project

ENMN 420 “Entrepreneurial Project” has been the capstone course of Royal Roads’ BCom program for more than a decade. Over a thousand students have conceived and written viable business plans.

Some of those graduates have gone on to realize the dreams borne in this class, such as:

Still, in the name of continuous improvement, our entrepreneurial curriculum will be revised in the coming year. Among other tweaks, ENMN 420 will be renumbered ENMN 498. This amazing course will not go quietly.

In order to celebrate the experience of what has been ENMN 420, and establish a legacy for years to come, the Eric C. Douglass Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies has organized a fundraising initiative that is called, appropriately, "The 420 Project". Our goal is to raise $420,000 over the course of the next twenty months. These funds will be used to endow RRU Microbusiness Catalyst programs like the one that Andrew Miller BCom ’10 built and describes in the video below.