How it works

Royal Roads University's Venture Challenge is an experiential exercise in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management. In the course of completing this assignment our students imagine, build, launch and operate a Mission-Driven E-Commerce Website that generates profits for the charity of their choice.

On average, these businesses generate several thousand dollars of profit in just one month of operation. However, most of our students are so busy with full-time work, school work, and other aspects of a full life that they cannot carry these great start-ups forward.

Here's where you come in!

Please contact for a list of current projects.

Think about how you might incorporate one of them (for-profit, not-for-profit or one of the new hybrid forms like the C.I.C. in British Columbia). Think about how you might modify the business to suit your needs (e.g. possibly changing the percentage of profit that goes to your charity partner).

Now make an offer!

You don’t have to offer cash up front. This is totally open to negotiation.

Maybe the deal you strike includes a royalty for the students who built the site. Maybe you manage a non-profit that would like to have the whole website donated to you as a source of earned income. Intrigued but not totally clear on how to proceed? Enactus Royal Roads offers small business consulting for $15 an hour too!