A Navy commander ships out to earn an MBA

Globe and Mail

<p>Preparing a business analysis of Lululemon’s operations wouldn’t have been on Commander Lorne Carruth’s radar a year ago. “I drive ships,” said Cdr. Carruth, who’s stationed in Esquimalt, B.C., with the Royal Canadian Navy’s Coastal Division.</p>
<p>Responsible for the operation of 15 Navy vessels, Cdr. Carruth, 45, also oversees about 500 officers, a job not unlike being in charge of a large company.</p>
<p>So, it’s fitting that Cdr. Carruth, still working full-time, is taking an 18-month MBA program in executive management at Royal Roads University in Victoria.</p>
<p>“What I do at work is a lot of corporate-style governance. I have to play a leadership role. The MBA is a good fit,” the Dundas, Ont., native said. “I’m surprised, as a military member, to see how many of our core principles apply to the business world ... honesty, duty and honour.”</p>
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