Royals Roads to help entrepreneurs at downtown Victoria office

Times Colonist

<p><a href="" target="_blank">The Eric C. Douglass Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies</a>’ office move downtown to ViaTec’s Fort Tectoria was featured in the Victoria Times Colonist Thursday, July 16.</p>
<p>Here is an excerpt from the article:</p>
<p>Royal Roads University is putting out the welcome mat at a new downtown Victoria office set up to give a boost to local entrepreneurs.</p>
<p>Director Geoff Archer said Wednesday that the message from the university’s Eric C. Douglass Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies is: “Come and interact with us.”</p>
<p>“What we are trying to do is engage with you in a way that is win-win for our students and for small-business owners in the Victoria area.”</p>
<p>The centre has moved into Fort Tectoria, 777 Fort St., owned by the Victoria Advanced Technology Council. Fort Tectoria is a hothouse for innovation, serving as the base for Accelerate Victoria and the high-tech sector in the city’s core.</p>
<p>Set up in 2007 with a $1.6-million endowment, the Douglass centre’s mandate is to engage with the community in entrepreneurship. But there is “very little awareness” of its existence, Archer said.</p>
<p>He figures one reason for the centre’s low profile is the fact that it does not have a physical office or space at Royal Roads. “By moving downtown, we are flipping that switch.”</p>
<p>Possibilities include entrepreneurship students developing business plans for local firms, he said.</p>
<p>The head of a local company might have an idea for a new concept, or need to raise money from a bank or the creation of a more professional organization. An entrepreneur might have a new business in mind, or want to expand into a new market.</p>
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