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Pacific NorthWest Economic Region Business Ideas Competition

Student Opportunity

The PNWER-BIC is an on-line competition for innovative business ideas from students in the Pacific NorthWest.

Pacific NorthWest Economic Region Business Ideas Competition

How does it work?

All institutions of the Pacific North West Economic Region are invited to hold an internal competition identifying the "best and brightest" business idea from a student or a team of up to three students. Using our guidelines, we invite you to ask your student(s) to submit a three minute video outlining their business idea (see PNWER-BIC Rules and Regulations for details). Once you have reviewed and determined the best of the submissions, send the top video and a runner up to Royal Roads University. Our adjudicators will review the submissions and select the four best business ideas from all of the videos submitted from the Pacific NorthWest Region Institutions.

What are the benefits?

Team members from the four best video submissions will be invited to attend for free an "Entrepreneurial Boot Camp". Experts from the business community will provide advice for the teams in areas such as: finance/accounting; intellectual property and legal; marketing; venture capital, negotiation skills etc.

Other benefits winners receive are:

  • Valuable media exposure locally and regionally
  • Opportunity to network with successful business professionals such as the person Businessweek referred to as the "Shock Jock of Business Management", Chris Flett.
  • Potential mentorship opportunities

How do I enter the top PNWER video submission?

To enter your top video, please use the PNWER Video Submission Form. In order to do this, you may need to become more familiar with Vimeo and how to upload your video to the service. The following resources can help:

Please be aware that if one of the four top contestant(s) is from your university, it is the responsibility of the contestant(s) and/or university to ensure transportation and accommodation in Victoria.

For more information about PNWER, please visit their official website. Note that the Pacific NorthWest Region in this competition includes the geographical areas outlined by the PNWER organization.