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Sandra Bjurstrom

Congratulations to Sandra Bjurstrom, our "Entrepreneur in Virtual Residence"  for 2014.

Sandra has an insatiable desire to achieve great things in all areas of her life. Success has been realized through focused intention - this was a learned approach and is the foundation for the CORE consulting methodologies. Entrepreneurialism came at an early age. Sandra's first business was a lemonade stand that she rocked with her brother (who has also gone on to create extraordinary business success). Sandra's second business was the creation of Calgary's first one-stop-shop boutique for kids that saw a modest $20,000 investment grow into an impressive $2,000,000 a year operation within 6 years of inception. Sandra's third business developed a technology to capture CO2 at a well-site and convert it to a usable solid. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Sandra worked with Novatel where she was immersed in the world KAIZEN. A leadership position at ATCO followed Novatel along with exposure to incredibly cool technology (developed by CDC) that was installed throughout Canada in military equipment. Following ATCO, came a fantastic consulting gig with Warnock Hersey (they no longer offer this department ...) and wide exposure to industries from oil and gas to actuarial science. Now it is time to share the accumulated experience and resulting wisdom with clients at CORE. Sandra embraces the ‘and’ mindset and who lives the adage 'anything is possible’ - Sandra catalyzes fantastic and often unimagined changes for companies. Sandra has always had an unquenchable curiosity and passion for learning. She returned to school as a 'mature' student and immersed herself in management theories that resulted in an MBA. Her capstone project focused on excelling organizational performance through optimized leadership. Sandra lives in Calgary with Dave, her daughter, Alex (now an engineering student) and stepson, Nolan (rocking the world of hockey).