Sandra Bjurstrom

Congratulations to Sandra Bjurstrom, our "Entrepreneur in Virtual Residence"  for 2014.

Sandra is passionate about supporting and enabling women to pursue their own, unique leadership journeys. In 2017, she founded KONdUiTT. KONdUiTT ® is a corporation designed to support and empower women in leadership and to engage the workplace to develop diversity and inclusion practices.

Sandra has spoken and written about the KONdUiTT® leadership principles that emphasize courage, humility, authenticity and resilience and through this work she encourages others to find their own leadership voice and create transformational change. Sandra is a trailblazer in breaking down barriers that inhibit the achievement of great outcomes. Sandra’s intensity of purpose and deep knowledge catalyze remarkable changes for women and corporations. 

Sandra embodies transformation. She is a practical activist who seeks the root cause to find workable solutions. Sandra exudes energy, strength, conviction, professionalism and intelligence. She is the embodiment of 'effective' and delivers high-impact content at KONdUiTT®. Sandra engages audiences and has behind her a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sandra has formally studied, and continues to advance her knowledge, in the subjects of leadership, human behaviour, diversity, cultural awareness, innovation, strategy and finance.

Sandra is a member of ICPA, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.