Video Content Guide

Students submit their business idea in video format to their university or college contact person. This video should address the following points:

  1. What is it? (What is the product/service that you are proposing to offer?) 
  2. Who will buy it? 
  3. Why will they buy it? (What problem does it solve for them?) 
  4. Where will they buy it? (Which channels of distribution will you use?)
  5. What is the status of this pursuit? (dream, prototype, patents, sales, etc.)
  6. How much money do you estimate needing to get started?
  7. What background skills does your team have to offer (eg. employment experience, educational credentials, etc.)
  8. How does your idea benefit the PNW region?
  9. To which PNW headquartered firms would you most like an introduction? 

Videos must not exceed 180 seconds (3 minutes) in length.

Please review the Rules and Regulations for more details.