Graduates provide business consulting in Mongolia

CFAX Radio 1070

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management  graduates April Roper, Garth Campbell and Brent Malysh were chosen by the Eric C. Douglass Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies to provide business consulting to small and medium enterprises in Mongolia. The consulting project began in 2013 to offer Royal Roads graduates an exciting opportunity to apply their learning and knowledge in a global context.  Roeper and Campbell were interviewed by CFAX Radio’s Ian Jessop about their experience.

Here is an excerpt:

“We went to work with two personal protective equipment suppliers to the local mine in Mongolia—Oyu Tolgoi mine,” says Campbell. “April and Brent worked specifically with those businesses with a translator to help them sort of develop their own business practices and operations so they could integrate within the mine supply chain more effectively and efficiently.”

Roper adds, “I would have to say in some aspects yes [they are behind on what they know about business] as far as technology, marketing, things like that, but you have to consider where they’re living – it’s small town outside of Oyu Tolgoi mine.”

To find out more about their experience, listen to the full interview starting at 33:05 in the podcast.